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Welcome to Surisa Thai Cooking

Surisa Thai Cooking provides genuine Thai food and Thai cooking class in your own kitchen, we come to your house to teach you in your kitchen.

Surisa is now ServSafe certified from The National Restaurant Association, which means ​​she has been trained, tested and certified to produce, cook and serve food safely to anyone.  (This is an essential for Restaurants, Caterers and food service professionals)
 ​Cooking Thai food is not difficult and does not take a long time as you might expect. Surisa found an easy and fast way for everybody to 
cook who doesn't have a lot of time.   Thai dishes can be quick and easy, you can learn techniques to make Thai food in  15 minutes!

This is a fun and unique activity for individuals ​and groups. Makes a special gift, for yourself or someone else, it's really cool! We offer lessons in and around Indianapolis.

        Imagine if in one day, you suddenly know how to cook authentic Thai food in your own kitchen!

​​This is a new and fun activity

​​for ​
couples, friends, family

​or for
your own achievement!
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            ​with special Cooking class package
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-  ​Health benefit of Thai dishes that you are interested.
-  See why Thai food is the best food in the world!
-  ​FunFact that you may NOT know about Thailand​
-  ​What would you get from Thai spices
-  ​List of the World Most delicious food Ranked by CNN​

At-Home Thai Cooking Class with Personal Thai Chef
Our Thaifood has it all!
Only one in Indiana
            for In-Home Thai cooking class
          with genuine Thai Chef!


Only one in Indiana for In-Home
Thai cooking class with genuine Thai Chef!
How many time you went to Asian store and didn't know what's going on or what to get?
Asian Market Tour!​

This is a good opportunity for you to learn real life at Asian market!
​​It is really worth it!  Learn everything from the selection of Thai ingredients to the​​
presentation on the table.
​- Learn where to find fresh products and ingredients and how to make the right choices. 

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