Welcome to Surisa Cooking LLC.
We are expanding Thai cuisine to the world by ​teaching people to cook Thai food in Indianapolis and creating new fusion dish with the perfect blend of Thai & American cuisine.
​Thai food is considered one of the world is healthiest, because of the natural herbs and spices. Surisa Cooking is introducing options for people to enjoy cooking and eating more healthy and delicious food!
Expanding Thai Cuisine to the World!
Learn to cook authentic Thai food with a genuine Thai Chef.
And it's even better​ to learn in your own kitchen!
Cooking ​Thai food is not as difficult as you may think.
​Surisa will teach you the secrets of cooking Thai food as easy as making a burger!
Surisa is the only one in the country who is a genuine Thai chef ready to teach you professionally at your home!

                      ​Please Note:
Currently Surisa is not be able to schedule any cooking classes for several years.

                      However, If you already purchased the cooking class, please email:​​

                      Or if you have any question please contact email above.

                      Thank you.​​​​